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:: How Kids Succeed When They Lose - Lis & Patrick Cohn

Wait a minute! You might ask. How can kids possibly feel like winners when they're outsized and outmatched?

They can feel like winners in lots of ways. Have them go into the game against a formidable opponent with an eye toward succeeding in small ways.

 Give young athletes specific objectives that help them attain excellence. For example. in soccer, a coach might ask kids to try to nab every loose ball.

Even if the final score is 5-0 and your team loses, if you've gotten to every loose ball, you've won a victory that imparts confidence to kids!

In sports psychology, they call this focusing on manageable objectives. Coaches and parents should ask kids to do this to help them focus on effort, rather than outcome.

When kids are too focused on results and wins, it's a huge distraction. It's harder for them to succeed and feel confident.

As a sports parent or youth coach, it's your job to help kids identify and focus on mini-objectives. Ask them to try and get two rebounds in basketball, or to focus on making four out of six quality shots on goal. Change their mindset; help them enjoy the game more by
focusing on the process and the fun!

"You have to impart the notion that mistakes are okay. The greatest success occurs if you make mistakes. You can't learn--or get to other side of envelope--if you don't push yourself and make mistakes."

For example, you're not learning as an ice skater unless you're falling down.

Not only do you need to tell kids mistakes are okay. You need to reward them for making them.

"You want them to keep trying to be aggressive and willing to push the outside of the envelope," he says.

"Through positive reinforcement, tell the athlete at every turn, 'You didn't get the ball there, but you tried something new, and that's a step in the right direction. Great work,'" he explains. 


Tournoi Internationale -Club de Soccer St. Leonard (ASSL)

11 – 13 aout 2017   /   August 11-13th 2017

Masculin / Feminine U9-U18 (competitives A & AA)


Coach Gennaro & Tony would like to CONGRATULATE the FC-ST-Léonard U12 –A Girls for a wonderful tournament in Granby.  The girls won a bronze medal at the Granby tournament and also captured a 3rd medal in our last three tournaments. 

Félicitations à l’équipe de U12 – A féminins pour leurs médailles de Bronze au tournoi International de soccer Jean-Yves-Phaneuf de Granby......Go Lions Go !!!



Congratulations to the U10 Sharks who finished 3rd at a tournament this weekend in Longueuil.



  We would like to congratulate the FC Lions F12-A team for winning the Bronze medal at the Défi Soccer Beauport McDonald's.



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